Walkinshaw Performance

Howell Automotive is the proud state dealer for Walkinshaw Performance in Tasmania.

The late Rodney Howell established a great relationship with Walkinshaw Performance back in January 2010. That strong relationship is now being handled with great success by manager Shane Ashlin.

Walkinshaw Performance Tasmania is selling and fitting products daily. The state of the art workshop and Dyno facility compliments the WP product line.

Howell Automotive currently have a huge stock range of all the latest and coolest Walkinshaw gear, if it’s not in stock it can nearly be guaranteed to be in stock within a day.

Keep in touch with Howell Automotive and Walkinshaw Performance for all the latest updates and new products.

For any enquires at all please contact Shane at any stage

between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday

74 Charles Street, Moonah - Tasmania (TAS) Australia

74 Charles Street, Moonah - Tasmania (TAS) Australia
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