Dyno Tuning

We offer a full in house chassis Dyno facility in a state of the art purpose build sound proof Dyno cell.

A Dyno is a rolling road which we can simulate various different driving conditions with your vehicle. As you can image this tool can lend itself to many different operations on a day to day basis. Whether it be…
* Speedo testing
* Engine tuning – petrol, diesel
* Full ECU re calibrations
* Noise locations
* Dyno de coke or engine cleaning
* Power output and tune assessments
* Before and after power runs
* Many many more

Our Dyno dynamics dynamometer is kept under the strictest guidelines to ensure positive and accurate power output readings for the best reliability from the operator.

Our purpose built Dyno cell, has constant flowing wind speed from a large extraction fan as well as a high flow engine cooling fan to simulate as best as possible the on road driving conditions.

74 Charles Street, Moonah - Tasmania (TAS) Australia
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